Seamless transition from

Design to Code.

Photoshop to HTML/CSS.

Balsamiq to Android.

Photoshop to Swift.

Balsamiq to Objective-C.

Photoshop to iOS.

Balsamiq to HTML/CSS.

Photoshop to Android.

Balsamiq to Swift.

Your tool to translate design into code.

Yotako, seamless transition from design to code.
Import designs illustration

Upload your design

Use your favorite design tool

You and your team use specific tools to design wireframes, mockups and prototypes? We bet you have your preferences and you are damn right. So with Yotako keep on creating awesome designs the way you always did. Just upload the design (e.g. PSD or Balsamiq) to Yotako.

More info about the design tools Yotako currently supports.
Customize your stack illustration

Select your stack

Because every project is unique

No matter the kind of app you develop (web or mobile) and your favorite stack, Yotako follows your lead. Select a predefined stack or customize your own with the frameworks and libraries you use, the testing tools you want, your task runner, the styles and many more!

More info about the stacks Yotako currently provides.
Get source code illustration

Ready-to-use source code

Git clone your app!

Just select your repository (e.g. Github, Bitbucket, etc.). Yotako provides you with ready-to-use source code that respects your wishes and follows community's best practices and highest quality standards (e.g. W3C).

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